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Building timber: timber has versatility of use and it means it has wide use in today’s society. One of the common use of timber is as a building and construction material.

Our timber for construction and building is specially chosen from selected high quality trees.

Prefabricated buildings: this is the fastest way of building of own house, log cabin or building for needs of your business.

We offer also assembly of prefabricated houses.

Log cabins/ self-catering bandas: we have unbeatable experience in building of log cabins/self-catering bandas for Kenya Wildlife Services.

Doors: We make variety of wooden doors from specially selected timbers. Their quality assure long lasting use.

Door frames: we offer variety of wooden frames which are made according to the customer’s needs.

Wooden windows: we will be glad to serve you with quality wooden windows which can be customized according to your needs.

Wooden roof:  is a very practical choice, producing a beautiful result in a roofing project. The strength and beauty of wooden roof make it a great building material for outdoor use along with many other reasons.

We offer stylish roofs for house and bandas.

Wooden mouldings: We produce decorative and architectural wooden mouldings including: architraves, cornices, oak skirting boards, wood turnings, handrails, volutes, newel posts and balusters.

Specially pressure treated timber and fencing posts. We also install professional electric fences for farms.

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Hardwoods that are either locally outsourced or brought from Congo. These woods include MUVIL, ROSEWOOD, MOHAGANY. TEAK, etc.

Flush doors laminated and normal. Plain flush doors available.

Furniture. We specialize in hardwood and softwood finished furniture i.e. beds, chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, etc.